Outstanding Teaching, Mentoring, and Scholarship Recognized at 527th Convocation

Five faculty members and two graduate students in the Division of the Humanities have been honored for their commitment to excellence in scholarship, pedagogy, and student mentoring. The recipients will be recognized at ceremonies during the 527th Convocation on June 11.

Malte Willer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the College, received The Llewellyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Award, one of the nation’s oldest prizes for undergraduate teaching.

Two faculty members, Charles Cohen, Mary L. Block Professor of Art History and the College, and Heather Keenleyside, Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring. This award recognizes full-time faculty members in the four divisions and the Divinity School for exemplary graduate teaching.

The Janel M. Mueller Award for Excellence in Pedagogy was awarded to Harumi Lory, Senior Lecturer in the Department of East Asian Language and Civilizations, and Barbara Schubert, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Music. This award recognizes outstanding pedagogical contributions from Lecturers and Senior Lecturers in the Division of the Humanities and Humanities Collegiate Division.

The Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to Cosette Bruhns, a graduate student in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Established in 1991, the Booth Prize recognizes excellent teaching of undergraduates by graduate students.

University of Chicago Receives $2M Grant from Mellon Foundation for Language Instruction

The five-year grant, “Transforming Language Instruction at the University of Chicago and Beyond,” will be led by the University of Chicago Language Center to support efforts to increase student access to less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) and support language instructors through professional development.

Ramakrishnan Professorship to Support Study of Sanskrit

South Asian Languages and Civilizations scholar Gary Tubb is the inaugural appointee of  the newly announced Anupama and Guru Ramakrishnan Professorship in Sanskrit Studies
As the University of Chicago prepares to celebrate two major anniversaries in South Asian studies, a new gift will help to ensure UChicago’s continued leadership in the study of the Indian subcontinent. The Anupama and Guru Ramakrishnan Professorship in Sanskrit Studies, established by a $3.5 million gift from Guru and Anupama Ramakrishnan, supports a faculty member whose work focuses on the ancient classical language. Gary Tubb, professor in South Asian Languages and Civilizations and faculty director of the University of Chicago Center in Delhi, will be the first scholar to hold the new position.

Exhibit Features Archival Images of Persepolis

View of the eastern stairway and columns of the Apadana (Audience Hall) at Persepolis, Iran, 5th century B.C. (Courtesy of Oriental Institute)
A new exhibition at the Oriental Institute will give visitors a rare glimpse inside the ancient city of Persepolis. “Persepolis: Images of an Empire,” which opens Oct. 13, includes archival photographs and a new multimedia presentation that document an astounding imperial complex of palaces constructed by the Persian kings Darius, Xerxes and Artaxerxes I and III, who ruled between 522 and 338 B.C. in present-day southwest Iran.