Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Visit Student Health and Counseling Services for complete information on student health care services, immunization requirements, and student insurance (U-SHIP). To review University policy regarding insurance and immunizations, please see the Student Manual.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all registered students. Division of the Humanities fellowships, which include student health insurance aid, provide coverage on U-SHIP. Students who elect other additional coverage (i.e., dependent, dental, vision) will be responsible for those costs. Students who choose to waive U-SHIP will not be reimbursed for the cost of coverage on other plans. From the Student Health Insurance page:

All registered students must carry good health insurance. (If you are considering waiving U-SHIP coverage, see the Comparable Coverage Checklist to review the benefits that all plans must provide to meet University requirements.) Additionally, if you reside in Chicago during the academic year, your insurance must cover medical care provided in the Chicago area for both emergency and non-emergency medical situations. 


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