American Basques or the Indians from Tlaxcala

WhenJanuary 29, 2019 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM
WhereSocial Science Research, Room 224
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Contact InformationKatz Center for Mexican Studies
DescriptionMexican Studies Seminar | Winter 2019

American Basques or the Indians from Tlaxcala


José M. Portillo Valdés
Tinker Visiting Professor, CLAS, The University of Chicago
The University of the Basque Country

Fuero is a very well known concept for historians on both sides of the Spanish World, meaning special statute or privilege. It could be applied to the Church (fuero eclesiástico), to nobility (mayorazgo) or to cities (fuero municipal). Spanish and American historiography usually takes for granted that when applied to provinces or larger territories, Fuero was strictly European (Fuero de Aragón, Fuero de Navarra…). However, the complex process of legal miscegenation that followed the Castilian occupation of the New World produced some cases that Spanish and Spanish American political imagination interpreted also as provincial Fuero. That was the case of the Indian Province of Tlaxcala, whose inhabitants not surprisingly presented themselves as the Basques (Vizcaínos) of the New World.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Katz Center for Mexican Studies at The University of Chicago

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