Smart Lecture: Irene Small

WhenApril 28, 2017 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
WhereCochrane-Woods Art Center 157
Contact InformationArt History Department
DescriptionHow can one picture the immanence of politics in art? This lecture considers such a question in light of a group of photographs by the Brazilian artist Carlos Vergara of the Rio de Janeiro-based carnival association Cacique de Ramos. Taken at the height of the country’s military dictatorship between 1972 and 1974, the photographs diagram how subjects choose to enter, or not, within horizontal, nonhierarchical identification with the group. Drawing from an unpublished text by the anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro written at Vergara’s request circa 1975, the lecture considers how Cacique de Ramos’s “passion for the same” offers a model of ecstatic, anarchic deinidividuation defined not by distinction, but by the absorption of figure into ground. In so doing, the photographs anticipate and implicitly critique the contemporary notion of “the multitude,” an emergent and mobile collective of singularities influentially theorized by the political philosophers Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
beginning in 2000.
CategoriesConferences/Lectures, Lectures, Arts
Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in order to participate in this event should contact the event sponsor for assistance.