CMES Farouk Mustafa Memorial Friday Lecure Series

WhenSeptember 23, 2016 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
WhereSaieh Hall for Economics
Contact InformationCenter for Middle Eastern Studies
Description2016-2017 Schedule

September 23, 2016 - Ilham Makdisi (Northeastern University)
"Imperial Connections: The Nahda and Translation Movements between Ottoman Turkish and Arabic, 1860-1914"

October 14, 2016 - Peter Wien (University of Maryland, College Park)
"Cultural History Perspectives on Arab Nationalism: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches"

October 28, 2016 - Fatemeh Keshavarz (University of Maryland, College Park)
“Hubbub in the Wine House: The Mutinous Voice in ʿAttar and ʿEraqi”

November 4, 2016 - Rebecca Johnson (Northwestern University)
"Translated Publics: Theorizing the Nahda's Novel Circulations"

February 3, 2017 - Fred Astren (San Francisco State University)
"Islamic Cities, Chinese Paper, and Jewish Readerships in the Ninth-Century"

February 10, 2017 - Mana Kia (Columbia University)
"Before Nationalism: The Transregional Persianate in the 18th Century"

February 24 - Adam Sabra (University of California, Santa Barbara)
"Household and State in Ottoman Egypt: The Case of al-Sada al-Bakriya"

March 31 - Joel Beinin (Stanford University)

Farouk Mustafa Memorial Lecture on Modern Arabic Literature
April 7 - Elizabeth Holt (Bard College)
"Suspicious Readers: Cultural Cold War in the Arabic Press"

April 21 - Aviad Rubin (University of Chicago; University of Haifa)

May 12 - Sarah Stein (UCLA)
"Family Papers: A Sephardic Odyssey Through the Twentieth Century"

June 2 - Lynn Welton (University of Chicago)
"Reconstructing Identities in a Dark Age: The Regeneration of Northern Levantine Society in the Early Iron Age"
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Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in order to participate in this event should contact the event sponsor for assistance.